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NYU Shanghai Chinese Language Program

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Welcome to the Chinese Language Clinic! 

Language Clinic offers one-on-one help with your assigned oral sheet, practice of words and expressions , writing assignments and other learning difficulties to improve students' Chinese. Free chatting with instructors is also welcome.

Language Clinic is availabe for students who are enrolled in Chinese language course at NYU Shanghai. To get started, register for an account by clicking the link to the left. Only email account can be accepted.

Students can sign up for 40 minutes maximum a day, and 120 minutes maximum a week.

Cancellation of the reservation should be made at least two hours before your reserved time. 

Two no-shows in one week will automatically disable student’s account for two weeks.

Please contact for any further inquiry or question. 


NYU Shanghai Chinese Language Program also offers Pronunciation Clinic.

Pronunciation Clinic provides students a comprehensive diagnostic test on Chinese pronunciation, including consonants, vowels and tones.  Based on the test result, Pronunciation Clinic provides specific and targeted listening and reading practice in the word level. We will also track students' pronunciation improvement and provide personalized training. Pronunciation Clinic also offers training in reading and recitation, and also provides students with opportunities to practice by having real conversations with the instructors, in order to empower students to communicate more clearly and effectively.

Pronunciation Clinic does not provide online reservation. Please consult Pronunciation Clinic in Room 964 if you have any questions regarding Chinese pronunciation. Name and net ID are required for scheduling an appointment.